Swap Calculator

How to calculate swap charges?

A swap/rollover fee is charged when you keep a position open overnight. A forex swap is the interest rate differential between the two currencies of the pair you are trading, and it is calculated according to whether your position is long or short. The FxPro Swap Calculator can be used to determine what your swap fee will be for holding a trade open overnight. To calculate swap fee, select the instrument you are trading, your account currency and trade size, and click ‘Calculate’.


Trading 1 lot of EUR/USD (short) with an account denominated in EUR

1 lot
Pip value
Swap rate
Swap fee: (10 * 0.54 * 1) / 10 = $0.54

For forex, the Swap Calculator works as follows:

Swap = (Pip Value * Swap Rate * Number of Nights) / 10

Trading 1 lot (1,000 barrels) of Brent with an account denominated in USD

Swap rate
Number of nights
Swap fee: 1 * -18.84 * 1 = $-18.84

For spot energy, the Swap Calculator works as follows:

Swap = Lot Size * Swap Rate * Number of Nights

Note: FxPro calculates swap once for each day of the week that a position is rolled over, however, to account for weekends, a triple charge will take place on Wednesday for FX & metals, and on Friday for other instruments.