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Our Forex fundamental analysis courses will help you see the connection between the data presented in the Economic calendar, the news feed info and price chart fluctuations.

After learning about this type of analysis, you will start to understand macroeconomics better, you will be more alert to statements politicians make, and you will understand why monitoring interest rates is important. This new outlook on current events will help you trade more efficiently. That it’s actually an indicator of the state of the national economy in as much as Home Sales of the last quarter are.

Another interesting aspect of fundamental analysis is the time of trading. It might seem that there’s no difference when to open a position (morning, lunchtime or evening), but with our fundamental analysis courses, you will learn that the time for opening a position is actually important.

If you want to switch to a different educational section - go to the home page here. So, you still unclear on how all this data relates to national currency quotes ? Or maybe you need another look at the basics ? You are welcome to look at our free online fundamental analysis courses here.

All information in this section is presented in the form of interactive cards with text and illustration. We hope you appreciate such a convenient and intuitive format!

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