FxPro Commissions & Swap Charges

Commission Charges

FxPro clients can expect commission charges only on FX pairs & Spot Metals on the FxPro cTrader platform. FxPro charges $35 per million USD traded. If a trading account is denominated in a currency other than USD, the figure is converted to the respective currency.

Commission fees are calculated as follows:
Commission per side
Trade size in base currency
USD conversion rate X $35 per USD million traded
Account currency exchange rate
Step 1

Conversion of trade size from base currency to USD

100,000 GBP X 1.3110 (GBPUSD rate) = 131,100 USD
Step 2

Calculate commission charges in USD ($35 per USD million traded)

131,100 USD X 0.000035 = 4.59 USD
Step 3

Convert commission charges from USD to EUR (account currency)

4.59 USD / 1.1685 (EURUSD rate) = 3.93 EUR
Commission charges incurred upon opening and closing the position = 3.93 EUR.
Swap Charges

Swap/rollover charges are incurred when a trade is kept open overnight, to reflect the cost of funding your trade(s). The swap is charged automatically at 21:59 (UK time) to the client account and is converted into the currency that the account is denominated in.

• On FxPro, MT4 & cTrader platforms, the swap is calculated and charged once every weekday, however, to account for weekends, a triple charge will take place on Wednesday for FX & metals, and on Friday for other instruments.
• On the MT5 platform, swap charges occur daily for all instruments
• There are no swaps incurred on Future contracts
• Swap rates are reviewed on a weekly basis & updated accordingly
• We also offer swap-free accounts that come with some conditions. Please contact us directly for details.

How to calculate Swap:
The formula used to calculate your swap charge depends on the CFD asset group you are trading
Forex: Pip Value X Swap Rate X Number of nights /10
Shares: Number of Shares X Last price x Annual Percentage charge /360
Spot Metals, Energy & Indices: Lot Size (i.e., 0.1 or 1.0) X Swap Rate X Number of nights
Cryptocurrencies: Number of Coins X Closing Price x 20% /360
* The closing price will depend on the direction of the position (whether it will be BID or ASK price). It refers to the last price of the instrument prior the rollover calculation.

For FX, we divide by 10 because swaps are stated in points and not pips
The reason we divide by 360 for some calculations because swaps are displayed in annual percentage rather than points
If you SELL 1.0 lot (100k units) of EURUSD and hold it for one night with a short rollover of -0.5803 Points, then the swap charge would be -0.58 USD
If you BUY 3.0 lots (300k units) of USDJPY and hold it for 2 nights with a Long swap rate of -1.9997 Points, then the swap charge would be -1199.82 Yen
How are the Swap Rates determined?

For Forex pairs, the cost or income is calculated as the interest rate differential between the Tomorrow Next Deposit Rates(TNDR) of the 2 currencies in question, plus the commission charged by the Company on which the position is held and depending on the type of the position(Long / Short). Clients may either gain or lose on swap, thereby having either positive or negative rollover, respectively.It is possible that some instruments may have negative rollover values on both sides as a result of commission being added on top of the overnight interest rate differential of the two currencies.

For Spot Indices and Spot Metals, the swap charges are based on the underlying Tomorrow Next Deposit Rate (TNDR) of the Quote currency of the relevant asset, plus the commission charged by the Company on Long positions or minus the commission charged by the Company on Short positions.

Cost calculation tool

The cost calculator can be used to calculate the quarterly charges of every instrument we offer, customised to your trading. Before using the cost calculator above, please go through the following example to assist in correctly filling the required fields.

You have deposited 10,000 Euro and selected your account currency to be Euro, You usually open 1 lot of EURUSD, you keep your position open on average for 1 day and trade on average 5 times per quarter.
Note: In case your currency account is different than the currency in which you deposited funds please enter the investment amount converted in you account currency.
You will fill in the fields as follows:
  • Enter Your Investment Amount: 10,000
  • Account Currency: EUR
  • Select CFD instrument: EURUSD
  • Trade size (In units): 100,000
  • How many times will you be trading per quarter: 5
  • How many days your position will remain open: 1
  • Select type of order: To calculate the cost of going Long chose “Buy/Long”, to calculate the cost of going Short choose “Sell/Short”
  • To get the final result click on “Calculate”
Cost calculation tool
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