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How do I create a new order in cTrader?

There are several ways to create a new order in cTrader.

You can press F9 to bring up the ‘Create Order’ window or click on the icon above the watchlist on the left-hand side of the platform. You can also click on any instrument in the 'Watchlists' select the ‘New Order’ icon, or place an order directly from the Buy and Sell buttons:

Buy and Sell buttons

The buy and sell buttons are also available on any chart you have open:


If you do not have 'QuickTrade' settings enabled, a new window will appear which will allow you to create a new market order, limit order or stop order, to select the instrument you wish to trade and to set stop-loss and take-profit levels:

Market Order
Note: If you wish to open and close trades with single or double click, directly from the charts and watchlist, you will need to set this up in the settings.
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